Public awareness

The Project believes that is very crucial to inform public and in particular specific concerned stakeholder such as fishermen about the Project and the results already in the early stages of Project implementation. It is obvious also that the effective marine biodiversity conservation is not possible without proper level of public awareness about the marine values, threats and ways to overcome conservation challenges.
Therefore the project has number of activities targeted to spread the information about the project and at the same time raise awareness about different aspects of marine biodiversity.

The public awareness activities of the project includes issuing the leaflets introducing the project as well as targeted leaflets to fishermen – a specific target group, which is directly interacting with marine biodiversity. This portal is one of these activities as well. Further it will be continuously updated, it is planned to use this portal also as a special interactive educational tool about the marine biodiversity values.

The project is working also with media. This work is not limited only to writing articles or communication with journalists. The project itself is developing a series of short video films (20 such films will be produced) about specific aspects of marine biodiversity. These films will be shown on the national televisions, but also be issued in the DVD format as well as could be downloaded in future in this portal.

In order to give more detailed information about the project as well as marine biodiversity values, the project will publish a book about marine protected areas. This book, as most of the awareness raising material, will be issued in Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Russian and English languages.

In order to get more direct contact with concerned stakeholders, the project will organize consultations meetings, where the project team will share information about implementation of the project as well as discuss challenging issues related to the marine biodiversity conservation.

In order to give more information to the public about particular marine protected areas, the project will build up the information stands on the coast near the areas commonly visited by public.
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