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Project activities

According to the procedures of the main project donor LIFE-Nature, the project activities are structured in a following way:

Project preparatory actions

A.1. Training of Project staff
A.2. Benthos inventory
A.3. Waterbird inventory
A.4. Mammal Inventory
A.5. Fish inventory
A.6. Elaboration of GIS
A.7. Management plans

Non-recurring management
C.1. By-catch Assessment
C.2. Dumping Assessment
C.3. Disturbance Assessment
C.4. Pollution assessment

Recurring management

D.1. Alternative fishing

Public Awareness activities
E.1. Information flyers
E.2. Project website
E.3. Project Film
E.4. Media work
E.5. Information tables
E.6. Book
E.7. Public events
E.8. Birds conference
E.9. Layman’s report
E.10. Final project presentation

Project management activities
F.1. Project steering group
F.2. Project administration
F.3. Project management board
F.4. Country co-ordination
F.5. Project monitoring
F.6. Independent audit


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